Productos ecológicos de Almería

Organic Produce from Almería

We’re engaged in the entire production processto guarantee the quality and traceability of our products

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Agro Advisors

At MJ Agroasesores, we are pioneers in organic farming in Almería. We participate in the entire process: selecting the seed, cultivating, managing resources, packaging, and completing the cycle.

Food Security

We administer routine checks measured through careful analytics which guarantee us, and guarantee you, that if the product is MJ, you can consume with confidence, knowing that it is environmentally friendly.


We work with over 30 different organic fruits and vegetables. We package them in a variety of forms and assortments, tailored to your needs. Your packaging is ours.



We’re specialists in the production of organic peppers.

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Solid or striped, with a sweet flavour and year-round production schedule.

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<strong>Aromatic Plants</strong>

Aromatic Plants

Discover over a dozen
organic herbs.

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